Skreen and Blu from The Beatbox Saboteurs host their own monthly show on Dandelion Radio. They are always happy to receive demos and releases for playlist consideration. All genres of music are welcome, but they do prefer more leftfield recordings or tracks with a particular elegance or personality.

If you would like to submit any music, it is best to send them a direct message via their Twitter account.

Radio Show Playlists

Show 15 - April 2019

Winter Gardens - Coral Bells

Mammoth Penguins - I Wanna

Dadanaut - Arbeiterheer 

Obscenity State - Shine 

Whettman Chelmets - Alas....

Ernest Moon - Satdeenight Ready

Victor Silvester - A Mist Over the Moon

Einstürzende Neubauten - Yü Gung (Fütter Mein Ego)

Rivers And Suns - Fools

Evi Vine - My Only Son

SPQR - Our Mother's Sons

Flency - Punched Them

Secret Treehouse - Kind of Special

SPC ECO - Melancholia Mania

Alexandra Babiak - Crazy For You

The Shrubs - Run Run Uma

Newmeds - What's Your Problem? 

New Me - Something Green

Pipaluk & Cecilie Supernova - Mighty Trees

Symbion Project - At the End of the World

Transmission 13 - The Edge Of The World

Paris Love-Child - Brass Band Bitches

Golden Gate Orchestra - Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue

Life As Surface Noise - The Night Watchman (Part 4)

Swimming Pool - April

Amyl & The Sniffers - Monsoon Rock

Redshift - Shine

Japan - Temple Of Dawn

Blackhill Transmitter - Tower

Arjen Schat - Messier 33

Ed Wynne - Glass Staircase

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Show 14 - March 2019

Network 23 - Firecracker

Romain and the Cowboy Surfers - Yellow Shadow

Adwaith - Y Diweddaraf

Los Blancos - Cadw Fi Lan

wht.rbbt.obj - Silence

Gránat - Oy U Divoyky

Sir Robert Orange Peel - Scammer

Zolton - Noise Electric

Elektric Animals - Wake Up The Ghost

Aloysius Scrimshaw - Racist Ghost

Ivory! - You

One Friend - Sharks

Bo-Peep - Hello

Anone - Kikurage

Plastics - Delicious

Emulsion - Dream Encyclopedia

Phnom Penh Model - Speed

Zarigani$ - Monster

Astro-B - Never Ending Fucking Story

Keepers At Noon - I Want to Be Your Robot

Istanbul Hippodrome - Dreamland

Maigin Blank - Love Will Tear Us Apart

Xqui - Epiphany

The Heavens - Birth of the Vampire

Kibrom Birhane - Eskista

Life As Surface Noise - The Night Watchman (Part 3)

Joe Loss & His Orchestra - Tiggerty Boo

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Show 13 - February 2019

Inkblot Astronaut - Boogy Man

Pinhdar - Toy 

One Friend - Fall 

Analogue Electronic Whatever - You Never Did 

Rache - Sober (Original Mix)

Forest Crows - Lipstick Noises

Mary May - Softest Tune

Frankie Howerd & June Whitfield - Up Je T'Aime

The Beatbox Saboteurs - Terry & June

Cheerbleederz - Staying Up Late

Silvermouse - Spores in My Dermis

Whispering Sons - Skin

Arjen Schat - 20180814

Future Sound of London - Halodule

Tangerine Dream - Phaedra

Mac Quayle - Trust Yourself

Orbital featuring Prof Brian Cox - There Will Come A Time

Moonlight Waves - Keep Movin'

Kroşe - Pistol

Kai Orion - Heartless 

I Am A Rocketship - Intermittent

Nat & The Noise Brigade - Boyfriend

Karelia's Discord - Red Romance

Uniforms - Polara

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Show 12 - January 2019

The Beatbox Saboteurs - MF Knees Up
Sheaelisa - Quasimodos Tower
Knightingale - White Shadow
Teenage Wedding - Wow! Signal
Bad Ties - Shut It!
Necessary Animals - Necessary Animals
NoHealer - Testdrive (Crash Mix)
Esra Oygur - Uprising
Ivatu  - I'm Her
Evi Vine - Sabbath
City Counselor - Mull It Over
Looner - Tell Them All
Softails - Typical Angst
Probably The Tornado - I
Arthur Riscoe with Orchestra - Follow The White Line
Wooden Shijps - Red Line
InSammer - Forsaken by God
Seisikhton - God Doesn't Like You
Blooming Fire - Bless My Heart
Fubar - Everybody
Mavissing! - Eye of Ra
Deaf - Truancy
Shark Gorilla - Get A Life
Noelle Micarelli - Complicated Spoon
Died - Fireman, Carry Me Home
Guide Dog - Dead Beat

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Show 11 - December 2018

Deaf - Dead End

Cariño - Bisexual

Swedish Death Candy - A Date With Caligula

Oko & the Authority - BnL

Love Jerks - Holding Out For A Rocker

Aunt Tabby - Морфин

Green Blanket - Beetlejuice/Betelguese

Kh3rtis - Sunbeam Suspension

Galaxy Fingers - Hugs When You're Anxious

Woeful Bat - Ambedo

Fountains Of Wayne - I Want An Alien For Christmas

Acid Fader - Shape Shifter

Neleonard - Sorpresa, Vacío

Truth In Space - Truth In Space

Shonen Knife - Space Christmas

Freelite - Alive

The Sun Aesthetic - Fall

The Beatbox Saboteurs - Twelve Days Of XXXmas

Uniforms - Addicted

T Rex - Christmas Bop

Our Echoes Scream - Reminiscence

Michal Towber + AR - The Crash

John Baker - Christmas Commercial

Goofy18 - Love & War

Kosmischer Läufer - Zeit Zum Laufen 150

AAUL - Sometimes I Feel Like The Moonlight Is Insulting Me

Cocteau Twins - Frosty The Snowman

Life As Surface Noise - The Night Watchman (Counterpart 1)

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Show 10 - November 2018

Whispering Sons - Hollow

K Michelle DuBois - Becoming Real

Holly Golightly - Satan Is His Name

AnaFxer - Resolve

Manwel T - Ascension Verse 1

Uniforms - EDMP

Accü - Crash To Kill

LegPuppy - Twit Machine

The Big Believe - Tania Was A Truthteller

Carbon Poppies - Rain On My Face

The Moors - Meltdown

Whettman Chelmets - Preparation (Thesis)

Istanbul Hippodrome - Diet Of Worms

Todd Snow - Fading Away Into Itself

Life As Surface Noise - The Night Watchman (Part 2)

The Last Detail - Fun Fair

Julian Winding - The Demon Dance

Holygram - A Faction

Goofy18 - Rage Against The Bitch (Session Track)

English Minor - Busy Beaver

Mute - Tiny Filth

Sound Mirrors - Cosmology & Longing (Tapes & Transistors Mix)

Future Sound Of London - Extruded

The Venus Fly - Trap Icon

Three Day Millionaires - The Snub

Adwaith Lipstic - Coch

Polly Panic - Shadow

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Show 9 - October 2018

Graphix - The Twilight Assassin

Lia Pamina & Dario Persi - Midnight Walk

The Revillos - Jack the Ripper

The Satellites - Things

Neville & Sugary Staple ft Roddy Radiation - Rebel Down

New Apostles - Stranger in the City

Guitar PK - Psychomotor

Ashley Reaks & Joe Hakim - Dead Legends

Betty & The Werewolves - David Cassidy

Whettman Chelmets - Annihilate Your Masters!

The Beatbox Saboteurs - Crackers

Xqui - Spark, Rekindled in Despair (Antriksh Bali Mix)

Elizabeth Joan Kelly - Ghost In The Machine

Emika - Run

Clara Engel - Abandoned Planetarium

Shock Therapy - Attack of the Giant Lobster Man

LegPuppy - Meds & Beer

Fenella Fielding - Rise

Peter Cushing & Alida Valli - Play the Devil

The Priscillas - All My Friends are Zombies

Musta Paraati - Nacht der Untoten

Xmal Deutschland - Incubus Succubus II

Taurus 1984 - Dead Before Dawn

Rachel M & Ceri Davies - The Devil's Hole

Fear Is The Liar ft Christelle of Origin-X - Death Is Coming

Max Carnage - Facepuke

Life As Surface Noise - The Night Watchman (Part 1)

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Show 8 - September 2018

Plebs & Fuckboys - Scum Runner

We Are Replica - 1. 2. FREE.

Dentist - Figure-Four

Ashley Reaks & Joe Hakim - New World Order Evangelists

High Dart - Sometimes I Feel Sand I Guess

Darto - Everyday Actor

Rectal Distrophy - Running Mana

Surowa Kara Za Grzechy - Kiedy śnię Swój Mały Sen

Wind Mile (featuring Marie Léger) - Hush

Xqui & Transmission 13 - Aliens (Encountered)

Peter Zimmermann - Disco Roller (1979 With A Hint Of Vapor)

Matt The Martyr - Lies

Lemondoza - Vegan Cheese

Turkish Delight - All Choked Up


vverevvolf featuring Vandal Moon - Braindead

Jay Wilbur And His Band - Miss Otis Regrets

K Michelle DuBois - Wild Weed

Palm Ghosts - Swan Dives

LoVision - Love is Hiding

Soft Science - Breaking

Evan Jewett - Late Bloom

Cody and the Jet Skis - Road Trip

Solemnly Sage - 11-12

Klammer - Baddest Blocks

EriS - The War Of The Planets

Hyperion - Flagellum Dei

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Show 7 - August 2018

Rieserferner Buam - Get My Shoes Off

Klammer - Spiral Girl

Cariño - Cancion Pop De Amor

S T F U - The Liar

Searmanas - Undo

Nicholas Merz - Domestic Dispute

Linda Em - Wild Fire

David Ford - Let It Burn

Japan - Gentlemen Take Polaroids

The Perfect Kiss - Polaroid Dream 

Bacon Horse - Tongues

Cowcube - The Toothbrush Tune

Dentist - Corked

Social Station - Try (Cross My Heart)

A Shoreline Dream - Projections

Lost Chocolate Lab - Contents Floating (Radio Edit)

Diane Marie Kloba - Took The Train Alone

Visage - Night Train (Dance Mix) 

The Connecticut Collegians - Letting In The Sunshine / Sittin' In The Dark / There's A New Day Comin'

Shriekback - Shovelheads 

The Room In The Wood - Dragonfly 

BMX Bandits - Way Of The Wolf

The Veldt - The Color of Love Is Blue 

Linda Guilala - Mucho Mejor 

The Parazone - Silent Man 

Amyl & The Sniffers - Westgate 

Les Baxter - Wheels 

The Equatorial Group - Farewell My Lovely

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Show 6 - July 2018

Rat Scabies - My Wrists Hurt

Elyxr (ft Kurt Harland Larson of Information Society) - Strange Stubborn Proud

Shame - One Rizla

Accü - Did You Count Your Eyes?

Clubbs - To Linger

Sage Maverick feat. Peter Bolwell & The 1066 Pipe & Drums - The Wreck Of The Amsterdam

Moniah - Borrowed Wings

Defeated Sanity - Insecta Incendium

La Bien Querida - La Pieza Que Me Falta

Venetian Snares - They Watched Him Detonated On The Linoleum Twisting

ShapeShiftingAliens - Time For A Change

The Equatorial Group - Burning

Moaning - Does It Work for You

Soft Science - Sooner

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Show 5 - June 2018

The Senior Service - The Contender
Axolotes Mexicanos - Nacida Para Sufrir
The Total Rejection  - Did You Fall Out The Window?
Dead Bambies  - Meltdown Of Love
Computer Magic - Ordinary Life (Message From An A.I. Girlfriend)
Gridbug - Near Video Strobe Death
Sinosa - If U Must Dance
The Beatbox Saboteurs - Everything Stops
Nick Monaghan - You Won't Get A Better Cup of Tea In Camber
Sage Maverick feat. Peter Bolwell & The 1066 Pipe and Drums - The Wreck Of The Amsterdam
Ruth Wallis - Davy's Dinghy
Abi Wade - Laws & Mankind (Radio Edit)
Beatastic - Sun-Sky-Sea-Sand
In Love With A Ghost - Welcome At Azerty & Qwerty's Home
Goofy18 - Break Stocking
Klammer - Modern God
Amyl & The Sniffers - I'm Not A Loser

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Show 4 - May 2018

Flesh Eating Foundation - We Are Fucked (Fucked Up Remix by AlienNation)
Spanking Machine - Nazi Love Slave
Soft Science - Undone
Vandal Moon - Baby Sounds
Stonerpop - Physical Business
Ruth Wallis - Tonight For Sure
The Big Believe - The Motorway Effect
Analogue Electronic Whatever - Electric Car
Resonance - OK Chicago
Pale Honey - Get These Things Out Of My Head
Nova Flares - Krokodil Tears
Rodney Cromwell - Comrades
Digital Encryption - Commandanski
Tatuuma - Russian Song
The Equatorial Group - Lights Shine
Trevor Something - I Don't Care
The Beatbox Saboteurs - Morecambe & Wise
Iceberg Slim - Broadway Sam
Paul Littlewood - Television
Network 23 - Nemesis (2018 Remix)
Monophona - The Benefit Of A Doubt
Abi Wade - Hawk In Your Side
Amyl & The Sniffers - 70's Street Munchies
Miss Ludella Black & The Masonics - Am I Going Insane
Thee Dagger Debs - Little Black Book
Nostalgist - Petrichorale
Xeresa (Ft. Demi Haynes) - Fall Into the Light
Juliana Hatfield - Physical
Sork - Kick On Your Borders

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Show 3 - Apr 2018

The Beatbox Saboteurs - The Beautiful Coconut People
Noisy Pig - Weird Boobs
Drugstore Romeos - Adult Glamour
Queen Mab - What I Know
Monophona - Hospitals For Freedom
Nihiling - Funeral
Caroline Martin - Songs Of The Dead
DJ Kobayashi - Sister Nancy Bam Bam (DJ Kobayashi Edit)
Goofy18 - Love & War
Nolika - Sunday (Maybe Tomorrow) - Dandelion Radio Session
Transmission 13 - 1976
Uniforms - Pearls
Sir Robert Orange Peel - Snapchat
Lingua Nada - A Netflix Original
Ken Dodd - Happiness

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Show 2 - Mar 2018

The Beatbox Saboteurs - Introduction
Psychic Circus - Psychic Circus
Computer Magic - Bionic Man
Elf & Stacy - Digital Business
Uniforms - Addicted
Nolika - All The Birds Hide Away
Analogue Electronic Whatever - Frozen Milk 77
Wild Billy Childish's CTMF - What About Brian
The Beatbox Saboteurs - The Magic Roundabout
Callum Wilson - Teenage Symphony Parts I-III
The Veils - Axolotl
Kitty Masters - Love Is Like A Cigarette
Maxcarnage - Black Smoke
Fullmarx - Imaginary Paradise
Billy Bletcher, Pinto Colvig & Harry Stanton - The Lollipop Guild
Gypsy Hill - Ballad Of Mr E
New Apostles - Wire, Water and the Rest
Autonomads - The (A) Word
Silas Neptune - Aqualight
Cloud - Wildfire
Lauge & Baba Gnohm - Dybet
The Future Sound of London - Somatosensory
Ambidextrous - Oxide
Lazerpunk - Ego Death
Lustmord - Lament
Venetian Snares - He shit out his own skeleton and wore his floppy flesh like a trench coat
Moss Printen - Love
Mac Quayle - Impenetrable
Network 23 - Space Rock Ambient

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Show 1 - Feb 2018

The Beatbox Saboteurs - Introduction
The Beatbox Saboteurs - It Ain't Half Hot Mum
Thee Headcoatees - Teenage Kicks
Graphix - All The President's Men
Spray - It's The Night Of The Long Knives, Charlie Brown
Swimming Girls - Tastes Like Money
Nodens Ictus - The Cozmic Key
Network 23 - Bubbling Under (Radio Edit)
Computer Magic - Gone For The Weekend
She Past Away - Asimilasyon
Antony Harding - Yellowhammer
Ronnie Ronalde & The Beatbox Saboteurs - Mockingbird Hill
Penelope Isles - Cut Your Hair
The Tinopener's Art - Overtime
The Beatbox Saboteurs - Wish Me Luck

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