The Beatbox Saboteurs are Blu and Skreen B, two miscreant toffs from the South of England. The band formed from the sodden ashes of the Cuban Boys, after the chart-toppers went into self-imposed exile. Free from contractual constraints again, The Beatbox Saboteurs aimed to further propel their tradition of twisting popular sound recordings into something fresh and interesting. Oddly catchy and catchily odd, their material was smiling entertainment with a devilish grin.

Promotional copies of their early recordings were sent out with the statement "The Beatbox Saboteurs - a band not for sale" and "The Beatbox Saboteurs - a band that does not want to be signed".

Once again they found themselves adored by the legendary BBC Radio One DJ, John Peel, along with an ever-expanding number of DJs from radio stations all around the globe. Quickly the band generated an enthusiastic international fanbase, something which remains to this day.

Between 2002-03, the Beatbox Saboteurs released a rapid succession of albums and special one-off recordings before taking the decision to disappear before the lure of corporate labels tainted the project.

The Beatbox Saboteurs really did live up to their tagline "a band famed for personality, not celebrity"

In a surprising move, The Beatbox Saboteurs have returned in 2018 to host their own radio show on Dandelion Radio. Details of their show can be found here,if you would like to send them a release or demo for consideration then please go here

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