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I host a regular monthly show on Dandelion Radio with Mr Blu under the guise as The Beatbox Saboteurs. The multi-genre show features the best music from around the globe, with a focus on unsigned and distinct acts.

I also provide an occasional show for the German Radio Station

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Every so often I do a slightly dodgy, guest podcast for the Casimir Engine, a wonderfully entertaining and often chaotic establishment.

About Me
I run an independent micro-label based in the South East of England,
Over the years I have worked with everyone from small bedroom labels to big corporate motherships, with my musical creations having received widespread coverage on national radio, television and in the general media.
The House Of Beauty label is primarily a platform to release music from my own projects but I am happy to consider submissions from other acts.
I host a monthly show on Dandelion Radio and contribute an occasional podcast for the Casimir Engine. My musical interests are varied but anything oddball, experimental or sumptuous tends to catch my attention. 

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